Inter­na­tio­nal Sales Con­di­ti­ons (ISC)

For use in inter­na­tio­nal busi­ness ope­ra­ti­ons
as of Janu­a­ry 2017

I. Gene­ral

Only the indi­vi­dual­ly-nego­tia­ted con­trac­tual agree­ments and the­se Inter­na­tio­nal Sales Con­di­ti­ons are valid for our deli­ve­ries. Oppo­sing or dif­fe­rent terms and con­di­ti­ons of the sel­ler do not obli­ga­te us. We do not ack­now­led­ge them, along with any con­tra­dic­tions expres­sed by us that are not in wri­ting, or reser­ved deli­very, or accep­tan­ce of the per­for­man­ce of the buy­er. The­se Inter­na­tio­nal Sales Con­di­ti­ons are valid for cur­rent deli­ve­ries and all sub­se­quent deli­ve­ries of goods to the buy­er. Addi­tio­nal obli­ga­ti­ons under­ta­ken by us in sales- and coope­ra­ti­on-con­tracts con­clu­ded with the buy­er do not affect the enforce­ment of the­se Inter­na­tio­nal Sales Con­di­ti­ons. At the latest, through the accep­tan­ce of our goods the buy­er indi­ca­tes his con­s­ent to the­se terms and con­di­ti­ons

II. Con­sul­ta­ti­on

We give each form of con­sul­ta­ti­on – spo­ken and writ­ten – from our best know­led­ge on the basis of our expe­ri­en­ces. The par­ti­cu­lars and details con­cerning app­li­ca­ti­on and use of our goods are not bin­ding and do not free the buy­er from his own tes­ting and rese­ar­ch. The buy­er is res­pon­si­ble for legal and offi­ci­al regu­la­ti­ons whi­le using our goods.

III. Con­tract exe­cu­ti­on

1. The buy­er is obli­ga­ted to pro­vi­de us with writ­ten noti­ce befo­re con­tract exe­cu­ti­on if the orde­red goods are not to be used exclu­si­ve­ly for the cust­o­ma­ry app­li­ca­ti­on or under unusual or increa­sed stress neces­si­ta­ting terms and con­di­ti­on be added.

2. Our offers are sub­ject to con­fir­ma­ti­on, inso­far as not­hing else results from order con­fir­ma­ti­on.

3. All are also effec­tive without writ­ten order con­fir­ma­ti­on, in par­ti­cu­lar orders recor­ded by our per­son­nel. Par­ti­cu­lar requests by a buy­er, name­ly assuran­ces or gua­ran­tees regar­ding the goods or the exe­cu­ti­on of con­tracts, are valid only upon writ­ten con­fir­ma­ti­on by us.

4. The buy­er informs us without delay if he desi­res a writ­ten order con­fir­ma­ti­on which we then pro­vi­de up to the expi­ry of calen­dar days after the buyer’s order is recei­ved by us.

5. Orders, deli­very retrie­val and chan­ges and addi­ti­ons the­re to can be effec­ted by data tele­com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on or mail.

IV. Pay­ment con­di­ti­ons

1. Our pri­ces are valid after accep­tan­ce and as noted on the invoice eit­her „ex fac­to­ry” or „freight paid,” inclu­ding freight costs plus the cust­oms costs bor­ne by the buy­er. The pri­ces are valid cate­go­ri­cal­ly for the sin­gle order noted in the order con­fir­ma­ti­on. Repeat offers are new orders.

2. We reser­ve the right to rai­se our pri­ces appro­pria­te­ly in agree­ment with the buy­er if, after the exe­cu­ti­on of the con­tract and after the accep­tan­ce of the pri­ces, unex­pec­ted and extra­or­di­na­ry cast increa­ses occur, in par­ti­cu­lar on the basis of pri­ce increa­ses for mate­ri­als.

3. Not­wi­th­stan­ding fur­ther obli­ga­ti­ons for pay­ment assuran­ce or pay­ment sche­du­ling, the buy­er is obli­ga­ted to remit the agreed purcha­se pri­ce to the ban­king insti­tu­ti­on desi­gna­ted by us in the cur­ren­cy shown on the order con­fir­ma­ti­on without deduc­tion and without expen­se. Alter­na­tive­ly, the buy­er may issue a SEPA Com­pany Man­da­te. The amount paya­ble shall be collec­ted after ten days from the date of the invoice, unless other­wi­se agreed. The dead­line for pre-noti­fi­ca­ti­on shall be redu­ced to three days. The buy­er under­ta­kes to ensu­re that the­re are suf­fi­ci­ent funds in the account. Any costs which may be incur­red as a result of the failure to collect, or rever­sal of, the pay­ment shall be bor­ne by the buy­er if and to the extent that we are not res­pon­si­ble for the failure to collect, or rever­sal of, the pay­ment. Inso­far as a pri­ce is not sepa­ra­te­ly agreed, our cust­o­ma­ry sales pri­ce on the agreed deli­very date app­lies. Our per­son­nel and sales repre­sen­ta­ti­ve or other com­pany inter­me­di­a­ries are not aut­ho­ri­zed to recei­ve pay­ments.

4. The purcha­se pri­ce to be paid is in every case due for pay­ment on the date desi­gna­ted in the writ­ten order con­fir­ma­ti­on. Inso­far as the order con­fir­ma­ti­on does not desi­gna­te a pay­ment date, the sales pri­ce is due for pay­ment befo­re or upon deli­very based upon agree­ment. Pay­ment is due without any fur­ther con­di­ti­ons and in par­ti­cu­lar inde­pen­dent of whe­ther the buy­er has alre­a­dy taken the goods or the docu­ments or had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to exami­ne them. We will char­ge addi­tio­nal EUR 10.00 per remin­der in case of late pay­ment.

5. Gran­ted terms of pay­ment are can­cel­led and pen­ding claims beco­me due imme­dia­te­ly if an insol­vency pro­cee­ding is initia­ted again­st the assets of the buy­er, if the buy­er, without pro­vi­ding jus­ti­fied grounds, does not per­form a mate­ri­al obli­ga­ti­on that is due to us or to a third par­ty, or if the buy­er has made inac­cu­ra­te state­ments as to its credit­wort­hi­ness. In this respect we are ent­it­led to veri­fy the state­ments of the buy­er as to its inte­gri­ty.

V. Value-added tax

The buy­er ensu­res that all pre­con­di­ti­ons for a deli­very free of value- added tax to the sel­ler are ful­fil­led. Inso­far as we do not recei­ve the veri­fi­ca­ti­on for tax-free export deli­very or we have paid value-added tax on behalf of the buy­er becau­se of deli­very moda­li­ties or becau­se of cir­cum­stan­ces, the buy­er unre­ser­ved­ly indem­ni­fies us regard­less of our ongo­ing claims. The indem­ni­fi­ca­ti­on is appro­ved by the buy­er under release of fur­ther assump­ti­ons or other objec­tions, in par­ti­cu­lar under release of the objec­tion of the limi­ta­ti­on, and also inclu­des the reim­bur­se­ment of our ori­gi­nal expen­ditu­re.

VI. Set-off and liens

1. We can cal­cu­la­te with free dis­cre­ti­on inco­m­ing pay­ments on claims that exist again­st the buy­er at the time of the pay­ment by vir­tue of our own or assi­gned right regard­less of the cur­ren­cy and regard­less of judi­ci­al juris­dic­tion.

2. Rights of the buy­er for set-off again­st our claims are bar­red unless the coun­ter­claim is in the same cur­ren­cy, based on the buyer’s own right and is eit­her legal­ly esta­blis­hed, or is due and undis­put­ed, or is ack­now­led­ged by us in wri­ting.

3. Rights of the buy­er for reser­ving pay­ment and rai­sing objec­tions are bar­red unless, des­pi­te writ­ten warning, we mate­ri­al­ly bre­ach due obli­ga­ti­ons that ari­se from the same con­trac­tual rela­ti­ons­hip and have offe­red no appro­pria­te pro­tec­tion.

4. Upon the buyer’s default we are ent­it­led to hold back fur­ther deli­ve­ries until all due accounts are sett­led.

VII. Deli­very area, mea­su­re­ment methods, trade­mark rights

1. We are obli­ga­ted – in view of indus­try-stan­dard toleran­ces with respect to kind, amount, qua­li­ty and packa­ging – to deli­ver the goods in the kind and qua­li­ty agreed bet­ween us and the buy­er and ensu­red by us. The che­mi­cal and phy­si­cal pro­per­ties of the pro­ducts as well as app­li­ca­ti­on hints are defi­ned in the rele­vant pro­duct spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on. If sin­ce the time of con­tract exe­cu­ti­on tech­ni­cal impro­ve­ments are made, we are ent­it­led to deli­very the impro­ved goods.

2. The data of the quan­ti­ty deli­ver­ed and the decla­red volu­me for packed pro­ducts are based on EN 12 580. Con­sti­tu­ents and addi­ti­ves indi­ca­ted in kg/m³ are mixed on the base of the pot volu­me (water mea­su­re).

3. When the buy­er recei­ves know­led­ge of chan­ges to the goods, he is to advi­se us without delay if the­se are con­side­red objec­tionable.

4. Con­tracts are per­for­med at the buyer’s risk accord­ing to the buyer’s writ­ten state­ments given to us above.

VIII. Deli­very and terms of deli­very

1. Sub­ject to a lia­bi­li­ty release accord­ing to XV. 1b) we have to deli­ver the goods descri­bed in the order. We are not obli­ga­ted to per­form that which is not lis­ted in the order, is not con­fir­med sepa­ra­te­ly by us in wri­ting, and is not lis­ted in the­se Inter­na­tio­nal Sales Con­di­ti­ons.

2. Third par­ties -par­ti­cu­lar­ly cust­o­m­ers of the buy­er – do no par­ti­ci­pa­te in the con­tract exe­cu­ti­on are not ent­it­led to claim deli­very for them­sel­ves or to make valid other claims of a con­trac­tual natu­re again­st us. The buyer’s res­pon­si­bi­li­ty to recei­ve also remains valid if he assigns claims to a third par­ty.

3. If the goods to be deli­ver­ed need fur­ther expla­na­ti­on, we car­ry out the spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on con­side­ring the sepa­ra­te and iden­ti­fia­ble and jus­ti­fied inte­rests of the buy­er. We are, howe­ver, not obli­ga­ted to dis­clo­se the imple­men­ted buyer’s spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on or to allow to him the chan­ce for a dif­fe­rent spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on.

4. Adhe­ren­ce to our deli­very obli­ga­ti­ons neces­si­ta­tes the time­ly and pro­per ful­fill­ment of the coope­ra­ti­ve obli­ga­ti­ons by the buy­er. The begin­ning of the deli­very term spe­ci­fied by us assu­mes the com­ple­te cla­ri­fi­ca­ti­on of all tech­ni­cal ques­ti­ons. Adhe­ren­ce to agreed deli­very terms and deli­very dead­lines has as a pre­con­di­ti­on that the buy­er even­tual­ly fur­nis­hes for pro­cu­red aut­ho­riza­t­i­on or licen­ses in a time­ly man­ner, opens credit as agreed, ren­ders depo­sits and pre­pay­ments, and ful­fills all other obli­ga­ti­ons incum­bent upon him. Apart from that the deli­very term is exten­ded appro­pria­te­ly. We are ent­it­led to deli­ver befo­re the agreed time.

5. We make the goods avail­able for local pick­up by the buy­er at the agreed deli­very time at the address desi­gna­ted in the con­tract or for deli­very at the agreed deli­very time to the deli­very address named by the buy­er.

6. The buy­er is obli­ga­ted to accept the goods on the deli­very date without recour­se to addi­tio­nal dates and at the deli­very address descri­bed in the order. The buy­er is ent­it­led to refu­se to accept only if he bears the right to can­cel the con­tract accord­ing to the pro­vi­si­ons in num­ber XIV. 1.

7. Without wai­ver of other legal rights we are ent­it­led to ful­fill con­trac­tual obli­ga­ti­on after the desi­gna­ted dead­line if the buy­er is infor­med of the dead­line vio­la­ti­on and a peri­od for later com­p­li­an­ce is com­mu­ni­ca­ted. The buy­er can object to the later com­p­li­an­ce wit­hin a rea­sonable time if the later com­p­li­an­ce is not accep­ta­ble. The objec­tion is effec­tive only if it is recei­ved by us befo­re the start of later com­p­li­an­ce. We refund the buyer’s unavo­i­da­ble extra expen­ses that occur as a con­se­quen­ce of the dead­line vio­la­ti­on to the extent that we have res­pon­si­bi­li­ty accord­ing to the pro­vi­si­ons in num­ber XV.

IX. Docu­ments, Trans­port, Packa­ging

1. We are not obli­ga­ted to pro­vi­de for the requi­red export, tran­sit or export licen­ses, aut­ho­riza­t­i­on, cer­ti­fi­ca­tes or other docu­ments. Howe­ver, we faci­li­ta­te the pro­cu­re­ment of the desi­gna­ted writ­ten docu­ments for buy­er at his request, risk and cost.

2. Also, name­ly upon agree­ment to INCOTERMS of Group F, we are par­ti­cu­lar­ly not obli­ga­ted to orga­ni­ze the trans­port of the goods, to insu­re the goods, to fur­nish creden­ti­als or docu­ments not express­ly agreed, to deal with cust­oms clearan­ces, to bear inci­den­tal taxes (except in the coun­try of our main pla­ce of busi­ness), to fol­low valid mea­su­re­ment and weight sys­tems, packing, labe­ling or mar­king spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons (except in the coun­try of our main pla­ce of busi­ness), to inform the buy­er of the deli­very, or to take back from the buy­er packa­ging mate­ri­al (trans­port-, sales- and other packa­ging).
Regard­less of sta­tu­to­ry pro­vi­si­ons, the buy­er has the addi­tio­nal duty to under­ta­ke, as his own expen­se, recy­cling or other pre­scri­bed dis­po­sal. The afo­re­said pro­vi­si­ons are valid regard­less of whe­ther of not the packa­ging of the buy­er is sepa­ra­te­ly lis­ted on the invoice.

X. Packa­ging

Type and scope of the packa­ging is deter­mi­ned by agree­ment bet­ween us and the buy­er and con­fir­med in the writ­ten order con­fir­ma­ti­on. The packa­ging of the goods takes pla­ce with due care accord­ing to our best dis­cre­ti­on. Dis­po­sa­ble packa­ges are the pro­per­ty of the buy­er.

XI. Sus­pen­si­on of deli­very obli­ga­ti­ons

Without wai­ver of other legal rights, we are ent­it­led to sus­pend deli­very obli­ga­ti­ons so long as, in our view, the appre­hen­si­on exists that the buy­er will not per­form its obli­ga­ti­ons in who­le or in part. The right to sus­pend app­lies espe­cial­ly when the buy­er only incom­ple­te­ly ful­fills his exis­ting obli­ga­ti­ons to us or third par­ties for pay­ment sche­du­ling, or pays slow­ly, or exceeds a limit set by a credit sure­ty or is excee­ded with the anti­ci­pa­ted deli­very. Ins­tead of sus­pen­si­on, we can make future and alre­a­dy-con­fir­med deli­ve­ries depen­dent upon the opening of an active let­ter of credit through a major bank in the coun­try of the buyer’s domi­ci­le or by pre­pay­ment, at the buyer’s opti­on. We are not obli­ga­ted to con­ti­nue per­for­man­ce if a war­ran­ty by the buy­er upon the avo­idan­ce of sus­pen­si­on does not offer ade­qua­te secu­ri­ty or can be defe­a­si­ble by ano­ther app­lica­ble right. Sub­ject to the pro­vi­si­ons in num­ber VII we are thus only obli­ga­ted to inform the buy­er of delay of failure to per­form if the­se pro­vi­si­ons app­ly con­clu­si­ve­ly.

XII. Force Majeu­re

We are not lia­ble for dis­tur­ban­ces which occur as a result of natu­ral or politi­cal events; man­da­to­ry actions; labor dis­pu­tes; sabo­ta­ge; acci­dents; ter­ro­rism; bio­lo­gi­cal, phy­si­cal or che­mi­cal activi­ties; or other con­di­ti­ons; and can­not be con­trol­led by rea­sonable means.

XIII. Non­con­for­ming and defec­tive goods

1. Without wai­ver of legal exclu­si­ons or limi­ta­ti­ons the buyer’s res­pon­si­bi­li­ty, the goods are non­con­for­ming if the buy­er veri­fies at the date of the pas­sa­ge of risk that the good, in view of the pro­vi­si­ons in num­bers VII, VIII, IX and X, clear­ly devia­tes in packa­ging, quan­ti­ty, qua­li­ty or other type from that agreed in the con­tract or in addi­tio­nal requi­re­ments agreed to by us in wri­ting; or, con­tra­ry to agreed requi­re­ments, is not sui­ta­ble for the cust­o­ma­ry inten­ded use in the coun­try of our main pla­ce of busi­ness.

2. Mate­ri­al modi­fi­ca­ti­ons that cor­re­spond to new tech­ni­cal fin­dings do not esta­blish bre­ach of con­tract.

3. Regard­less of the regu­la­ti­ons valid in the coun­try of our main pla­ce of busi­ness, deli­very is not in bre­ach of con­tract inso­far as the legal spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons for the cust­o­ma­ry use if the good app­lica­ble in the buyer’s loca­ti­on is not oppo­sed.

4. Inso­far as the writ­ten order con­fir­ma­ti­on does not express­ly con­tain con­tra­ry state­ments, we are espe­cial­ly not res­pon­si­ble that the goods are app­lica­ble for a par­ti­cu­lar inten­ded app­li­ca­ti­on desi­red by the buy­er, pos­ses the cha­rac­te­ris­tics of a pro­to­ty­pe or a sam­ple, or com­ply with the legal spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons out­s­ide of the coun­try in which our main pla­ce of busi­ness is loca­ted, per­haps in the coun­try of the buy­er.

5. We are not lia­ble for breaches of con­tract which occur after the date of the pas­sa­ge of risk.

6. Inso­far as the buy­er under­ta­kes attempts to cure bre­ach of con­tract without our con­s­ent or through a third par­ty, we are released from war­ran­ty obli­ga­ti­on.

7. The buy­er has to exami­ne the goods accord­ing to law­ful regu­la­ti­ons and to screen every sin­gle deli­very in every respect for iden­ti­fia­ble and typi­cal non­con­for­mi­ties.

8. Without wai­ver of legal exclu­si­ons or limi­ta­ti­ons of the buyer’s res­pon­si­bi­li­ty, the goods are legal­ly defec­tive if the buy­er veri­fies that the goods, at the time of the pas­sa­ge of risk, are not free from enforce­ab­le rights or claims of a third par­ty.

9. Without wai­ver of other sta­tu­to­ry requi­re­ments, a third par­ty esta­blis­hes a defect of tit­le based on rights or claims on com­mer­ci­al or other intel­lec­tual pro­per­ty only inso­far as the rights are regis­te­red and a mat­ter of public record in the coun­try of our main pla­ce of busi­ness.

10. Regard­less of the sta­tu­to­ry regu­la­ti­ons valid in the coun­try of our main pla­ce of busi­ness, deli­very is not in bre­ach inso­far as the legal spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons for the cust­o­ma­ry use if the good app­lica­ble in the buyer’s loca­ti­on is not oppo­sed.

11. The buy­er is to noti­fy us imme­dia­te­ly and in wri­ting of breaches of con­tract such as defects accord­ing to the legal spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons Our per­son­nel and sales repre­sen­ta­ti­ve or other com­pany inter­me­di­a­ries are not aut­ho­ri­zed to accept noti­fi­ca­ti­ons or to pro­vi­de cla­ri­fi­ca­ti­ons about war­ran­ty.

12. After to pro­per noti­fi­ca­ti­on, name­ly num­ber XIII.11, the buy­er can assert the legal reme­dy desi­gna­ted in the­se Inter­na­tio­nal Sales Con­di­ti­ons. He is not ent­it­led to other claims. The buyer’s legal reme­di­es for legal defects are pre­scri­bed accord­ing to the same pro­vi­si­ons as the legal reme­di­es for pro­per­ty defects. In the case of pro­per noti­fi­ca­ti­on, the buy­er can only claim legal reme­di­es inso­far as we have frau­du­lent­ly con­cea­led the bre­ach of con­tract or the legal defect. Our defen­ses to bre­ach of con­tract and legal defects ser­ve merely as func­tio­nal cla­ri­fi­ca­ti­on and do not, howe­ver, par­ti­cu­lar­ly imply a wai­ver of the demand for pro­per noti­ce.

13. The buy­er is ent­it­led to requi­re a repla­ce­ment deli­very or repair from us or to redu­ce the purcha­se pri­ce accord­ing to the pro­vi­si­ons of the UN Sales Law. The buy­er is not ent­it­led to other claims for per­for­man­ce. Accord­ing to the pro­vi­si­on in num­ber VlIl.8, we are always ent­it­led to repair non­con­for­ming goods or deli­ver repla­ce­ments or to avo­id the buyer’s legal reme­di­es through the issu­an­ce of a credit of a sui­ta­ble amount, regard­less of the buyer’s legal reme­di­es.

XIV. Con­tract can­cel­la­ti­on

1. Without wai­ver of com­p­li­an­ce with legal regu­la­ti­ons, the buy­er is ent­it­led to con­tract can­cel­la­ti­on only after he has threa­te­ned us in wri­ting of the con­tract can­cel­la­ti­on, and a rea­sonable gra­ce peri­od that is set in wri­ting has pas­sed in vain. If the buy­er makes claim for repla­ce­ment deli­very, repair or other per­for­man­ce, after a rea­sonable time he is bound by the legal reme­dy to fore­go con­tract can­cel­la­ti­on. The buy­er, gene­ral­ly spea­king, is to explain the con­tract can­cel­la­ti­on to us in wri­ting and without delay wit­hin a rea­sonable time.

2. Without wai­ver of other legal rights we can can­cel the con­tract in part or in who­le without repla­ce­ment if the buy­er objects to the stan­ding of the­se Inter­na­tio­nal Sales Con­di­ti­ons; if an insol­vency pro­cee­ding is initia­ted again­st the assets of the buy­er; if the buy­er, without pro­vi­ding jus­ti­fied grounds, does not per­form a mate­ri­al obli­ga­ti­on that is due to us or to a third par­ty; if the buy­er does not make accu­ra­te state­ments about his credit­wort­hi­ness; if we, through no fault of our own, are not sup­plied cor­rect­ly or in a time­ly man­ner; or if ful­fill­ment of our per­for­man­ce obli­ga­ti­ons is no lon­ger pos­si­ble on other grounds which are rea­sonable in view of the buyer’s own inte­rests and his inte­rests jus­ti­fied by and iden­ti­fia­ble from the con­tract can­cel­la­ti­on and, in par­ti­cu­lar, the agreed con­side­ra­ti­on.

XV. Dama­ges

1. Wit­hin and out­s­ide of the scope of this con­tract, we are only obli­ga­ted accord­ing to the fol­lo­wing pro­vi­si­ons for dama­ges:
a) The buy­er is obli­ga­ted, in the first instan­ce, to per­cei­ve other legal reme­di­es and can demand indem­ni­ty only on account of remai­ning defi­cits, but in no case in pla­ce of other legal reme­di­es.
b) We are not lia­ble for the con­duct of sup­pliers or sub­con­trac­tors or for acci­den­tal dama­ges of the buy­er. Inci­den­tal­ly we are lia­ble only inso­far as our manage­ment or per­so­nal inten­tio­nal­ly or with gross negli­gen­ce harms the buy­er with respect to incum­bent con­trac­tual obli­ga­ti­ons.
c) In case of lia­bi­li­ty we com­pen­sa­te – wit­hin the limits of let­ter the buyer’s pro­ven los­ses to the extent they were unavo­i­da­ble for the buy­er and, with respect to the occur­ren­ce and amount of dama­ges, were fore­see­ab­le to us at the time of con­tract exe­cu­ti­on as a con­se­quen­ce of bre­ach of obli­ga­ti­on. The buy­er must advi­se us in wri­ting befo­re con­tract exe­cu­ti­on about par­ti­cu­lar risks, aty­pi­cal pos­si­bi­li­ties for dama­ge, and unusual amounts of dama­ges. In addi­ti­on, the buy­er is obli­ga­ted to miti­ga­te his dama­ges as soon as a bre­ach of con­tract is or should be known.
d) We are not lia­ble for lost pro­fits or dama­ge to repu­ta­ti­on. More­o­ver, the amount of dama­ges for late deli­very is limi­ted to a maxi­mum of 5% for each full week of delay. Our lia­bi­li­ty for other breaches of obli­ga­ti­on is limi­ted to dama­ge to real pro­per­ty and per­so­nal pro­per­ty wit­hin the scope of our com­mer­ci­al- and pro­ducts-lia­bi­li­ty insuran­ce of an amount in each case of a maxi­mum of 1 Mil­lion Euros. This lia­bi­li­ty limi­ta­ti­on is not valid in case of inten­tio­nal or gross negli­gen­ce of our exe­cu­ti­ve manage­ment or our direc­ting offi­cers.
e) The fore­go­ing pro­vi­si­ons b) through d) do not app­ly inso­far as sta­tu­to­ry pro­vi­si­ons which give rise to more exten­si­ve lia­bi­li­ty app­ly.
f) The limi­ta­ti­on peri­od for con­trac­tual claims like­wi­se app­lies for the buyer’s extra-con­trac­tual claims again­st us which are con­cur­rent with con­trac­tual claims. Inso­far as the claim is not time-bar­red ear­lier, a six-mon­th pre­clu­si­on peri­od for brin­ging an action for dama­ges app­lies, star­ting with the refu­sal of the dama­ges.
g) The fore­go­ing pro­vi­si­ons as to our lia­bi­li­ty also app­ly to the per­so­nal lia­bi­li­ty of our offi­cers, employees, staff mem­bers, agents and its ser­vants.

2. Regard­less of our con­ti­nuing legal or con­trac­tual claims the buy­er is obli­ga­ted to us for the fol­lo­wing dama­ge indem­nities:
a) In the case of delay in pay­ment the cust­o­m­er pays the inci­den­tal, usual legal and extra-legal costs, dome­stic and for­eign, for legal pro­se­cu­ti­on, in addi­ti­on to inte­rest at the rate app­lica­ble for short-term unse­cu­red credit in the agreed cur­ren­cy in the coun­try of our main pla­ce of busi­ness.
b) In the case of very late or absent accep­tan­ce of deli­very by the buy­er, we are ent­it­led, without evi­den­ce, to demand lump-sum dama­ges of 5 % of the actual value of the deli­very.

XVI. Micro­or­ga­nis­ms

(1) Our gro­wing media, in par­ti­cu­lar the orga­nic gro­wing media and their con­sti­tu­ents are free of human or phy­topa­tho­ge­nic micro­or­ga­nis­ms. Howe­ver, they are not ste­ri­le, but micro­bi­al­ly active. Micro­or­ga­nis­ms can be auto­chtho­no­us or can colo­nise gro­wing media during sto­r­a­ge or crop cul­ti­va­ti­on which may depend on the sea­son and the cul­ti­va­ti­on con­di­ti­ons. By far the lar­ge­st per­cen­ta­ge of all gro­wing media con­ta­ins high per­cen­ta­ges of orga­nic mate­ri­als which are auto­ma­ti­cal­ly expo­sed to micro­bi­al decom­po­si­ti­on by means of fun­gi, bac­te­ria, actino­my­ce­tes and other orga­nis­ms. Sapro­phytic nema­to­des can be pre­sent in gro­wing media in small num­bers. The addi­ti­on of nut­ri­ents and lime can pro­mo­te the grow­th of sapro­phytic orga­nis­ms.

(2) We shall not accept any lia­bi­li­ty for dama­ge to pro­per­ty and finan­ci­al los­ses which are cau­sed by ubi­qui­tous colo­ni­sa­ti­on of micro­or­ga­nis­ms as well as by an ubi­qui­tous occur­ren­ce of sapro­phytic orga­nis­ms, such by the grow­th of fun­gus on or in the gro­wing medi­um.
This exclu­si­on from lia­bi­li­ty shall not app­ly in the case in which the gro­wing media are at the time of pas­sing of risk con­ta­mi­na­ted anthro­po­ge­ni­cal­ly with an unnatu­ral­ly and/or aty­pi­cal­ly high num­ber of sapro­phytic orga­nis­ms or micro­or­ga­nis­ms, and we and/or our repre­sen­ta­ti­ves or our vica­rious agents have cau­sed this anthro­po­ge­nic con­ta­mi­na­ti­on by intent or gross negli­gen­ces.
Unless we have cau­sed the damage/loss inten­tio­nal­ly our lia­bi­li­ty and that of our repre­sen­ta­ti­ves and our vica­rious agents shall be restric­ted to the repla­ce­ment of the fore­see­ab­le damage/loss typi­cal­ly occur­ring.
In the case of the slight­ly negli­gent vio­la­ti­on of a sub­si­dia­ry obli­ga­ti­on our lia­bi­li­ty and that of our repre­sen­ta­ti­ves as well as that of our vica­rious agents shall be exclu­ded.

(3) The exclu­si­on of lia­bi­li­ty accord­ing to Item 2 shall not app­ly in the case of intent, phy­si­cal inju­ry, the vio­la­ti­on of major sub­si­dia­ry obli­ga­ti­ons or lia­bi­li­ty in accor­dan­ce with the “Ger­man Pro­duct Lia­bi­li­ty Act”.

XVII. For­eign tra­de pro­vi­si­ons

(1) If after con­clu­ding the Agree­ment, cir­cum­stan­ces should emer­ge that give grounds to pre­su­me a given or future bre­ach of natio­nal, Euro­pean or inter­na­tio­nal regu­la­ti­ons toge­ther with Ame­ri­can export  laws or exis­ting appro­val pre­re­qui­si­tes and we inform the Orde­ring arty credi­b­ly without delay, we are ent­it­led to an appro­pria­te peri­od of time for fur­ther review of the situa­ti­on. The occur­ren­ce of any default is mutual­ly ruled out for the dura­ti­on of this review peri­od and for the time it takes to pro­ceed with any necessa­ry appro­val pro­ce­du­re. Inso­far as any necessa­ry appro­val is not gran­ted or can­not be gran­ted for any other rea­sons, we are ent­it­led to refu­se per­for­man­ce and to with­draw from the Agree­ment.

(2) Resa­le to embar­go coun­tries (total embar­go, par­ti­al embar­go) or to pro­hi­bi­ted per­sons or to per­sons is sub­ject to appro­val in any case. The Orde­ring Par­ty under­ta­kes not to sell the sup­plied goods for mili­ta­ry or nuclear pur­po­ses of any kind, nor to sell the­se goods to third par­ties with the afo­re­men­tio­ned final pur­po­ses, nor to make them avail­able direct­ly or indi­rect­ly to such third par­ties by any other means.

(3) At our request, the Orde­ring Par­ty shall pro­vi­de us with the cor­re­spon­ding docu­ments per­tai­ning to the final whe­re­abouts of the goods in the form sti­pu­la­ted by the Federal Office of Eco­no­mics and Export Con­trol strai­gh­ta­way but at the latest wit­hin a peri­od of ten working days (Mon­day to Satur­day).

(4) The Orde­ring Par­ty is res­pon­si­ble for com­p­li­an­ce and
imple­men­ta­ti­on of the rele­vant for­eign tra­de pro­vi­si­ons and other legis­la­ti­on of his own coun­try and the coun­try to which the deli­very is being made. On con­clu­ding the Agree­ment, he shall inform us in wri­ting of any spe­cial aspects ari­sing from the­se pro­vi­si­ons, for exam­ple in devia­ti­on from the Ger­man Exports List, Anne­xes I and IV of the EU Dual Use Regu­la­ti­on or the Ame­ri­can Com­mer­ce Con­trol List.

(5) In the event of any failure to com­ply with the pro­vi­si­ons con­tai­ned in para­graphs (2) to (4) above, the Orde­ring Par­ty shall be lia­ble to us for any resul­ting dama­ge cau­sed in this way and shall indem­ni­fy us at first request in our exter­nal rela­ti­ons­hip with regard to cor­re­spon­ding claims made by third par­ties.

XVIII. Reten­ti­on of tit­le

1. We reser­ve tit­le to the deli­ver­ed goods until after set­t­le­ment of all claims out­stan­ding again­st the buy­er.

2. The buy­er is aut­ho­ri­zed to sell the goods in the ordi­na­ry cour­se of busi­ness. Purcha­se pri­ce claims resul­ting from this are con­side­red assi­gned to the sel­ler from the time of accru­al The buy­er sup­ports the sel­ler for any legal accep­ta­ble mea­su­res that are necessa­ry to pro­tect the tit­le of the sel­ler in the respec­tive coun­try. Thus, accrued extra costs are bor­ne equal­ly by us and the buy­er.

XIX. Indem­ni­ty

Without wai­ver of other claims, the buy­er indem­ni­fies us, without limi­ta­ti­on, again­st all claims by third par­ties brought again­st us on the basis of pro­ducts lia­bi­li­ty or simi­lar pro­vi­si­ons; inso­far as lia­bi­li­ty is sup­por­ted by the cir­cum­stan­ces which – such as, for exam­ple, the pre­sen­ta­ti­on of the pro­duct – were cau­sed by the buy­er or other third par­ties without our express writ­ten con­s­ent. In par­ti­cu­lar, the indem­ni­fi­ca­ti­on also inclu­des com­pen­sa­ti­on for expen­ses incur­red by us and is gran­ted by the buy­er wai­ving fur­ther con­di­ti­ons or other objec­tions, in par­ti­cu­lar wai­ving com­p­li­an­ce with con­trol and recall obli­ga­ti­ons, and wai­ving any defen­se limi­ta­ti­on.

XX. Pla­ce of per­for­man­ce, pay­ment and ful­fill­ment

The pla­ce of per­for­man­ce, pay­ment and ful­fill­ment for all obli­ga­ti­ons ari­sing tram the legal rela­ti­ons­hip bet­ween us and the buy­er is the pla­ce of our main pla­ce of busi­ness. This pro­vi­si­on also app­lies if we assu­me the costs 01 pay­ment, effect per­for­man­ce for the buy­er in ano­ther pla­ce, or pay­ment is ren­de­red in exch­an­ge for the deli­very of goods or docu­ments, or resti­tu­ti­on is pro­vi­ded for work alre­a­dy per­for­med. The agree­ment to INCOTERMS of Group F, or of Group C, or from agree­ments as to how costs are bor­ne, con­tain no chan­ge to the fore­go­ing rule as to pla­ce of ful­fill­ment.

XXI. App­lica­ble law, legal venue, other

1. The April 11„ 1980 trea­ty of the United Nati­ons con­cerning con­tracts for the inter­na­tio­nal sale of goods (UN-Sales Law/CISG) – in the Eng­lish-Ian­gua­ge ver­si­on – is valid for the legal rela­ti­ons­hip with the buy­er and the aut­ho­ri­ta­ti­ve app­li­ca­ti­on to our pla­ce of busi­ness. The UN Sales Law app­lies to its scope of app­li­ca­ti­on and not­wi­th­stan­ding govern­men­tal con­trac­tual restric­tions for all con­tracts which are sub­ject to the pro­vi­si­ons in num­ber I 01 the­se Inter­na­tio­nal Sales Con­di­ti­ons. By using the com­mer­ci­al terms, the INCOTERMS 2010 of the Inter­na­tio­nal Cham­ber of Com­mer­ce app­ly in view of the pro­vi­si­ons in the­se Inter­na­tio­nal Sales Con­di­ti­ons.

2. The UN Sales Law in com­bi­na­ti­on with the­se Inter­na­tio­nal Sales Con­di­ti­ons is exclu­si­ve­ly valid for the rea­liza­t­i­on of the con­tracts inclu­ding the agree­ments as to the legal juris­dic­tion and the inclu­si­on of the­se Inter­na­tio­nal Sales Con­di­ti­ons and for the con­trac­tual rights and obli­ga­ti­ons of the par­ties under inclu­si­on as well as pre-con­trac­tual and other rela­ted obli­ga­ti­ons and tor inter­pre­ta­ti­on. Out­s­ide the force of the UN Sales Law, the legal rela­ti­ons­hip of the par­ties is deter­mi­ned accord­ing 10 the law not har­mo­ni­zed and in force at the main pla­ce of busi­ness 01 the sel­ler.

3. In the event of any dis­pu­te – con­trac­tual and extra con­trac­tual – ari­sing from or in rela­ti­on to con­tracts from which the enforce­ment of the­se Inter­na­tio­nal Sales Con­di­ti­ons is desi­gna­ted, the par­ties agree to aspi­re an amica­ble set­t­le­ment. If an amica­ble set­t­le­ment can­not be reached wit­hin a rea­sonable time but not lon­ger then 4 weeks, the dis­pu­te shall be con­clu­si­ve­ly resol­ved by the com­pe­tent govern­men­tal courts at the main pla­ce of busi­ness of the sel­ler.

4. Should pro­vi­si­ons of the­se Inter­na­tio­nal Sales Con­di­ti­ons be or beco­me inope­ra­ti­ve in who­le or in part, the pro­vi­si­ons stay ope­ra­ti­ve in all other respects. The par­ties are obli­ged to chan­ge the inope­ra­ti­ve pro­vi­si­on to a legal­ly valid pro­vi­si­on which pre­ser­ves as much as pos­si­ble the com­mer­ci­al spi­rit of the inope­ra­ti­ve pro­vi­si­on.

5. All com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons, mes­sa­ges, noti­fi­ca­ti­ons, etc. are to be com­po­sed in eit­her the Eng­lish lan­gua­ge or in our natio­nal lan­gua­ge. Mes­sa­ges sent by fax or email are con­side­red to be in writ­ten form.

XXII. Sup­plied goods

For claims by the buy­er for dama­ges or destruc­tion of goods sup­plied or goods of the buy­er left tor us 10 repair, we are lia­ble only for inten­tio­nal and grass negli­gen­ce; lia­bi­li­ty for sim­ple negli­gen­ce is bar­red. Nor­mal wear and tear is exclu­ded from lia­bi­li­ty. For deli­ver­ed pro­ducts such as raw mate­ri­als, etc., the buy­er takes on res­pon­si­bi­li­ty for the inspec­tion and war­ran­ty of qua­li­ty (e.g, mate­ri­al , dimen­sio­nal accu­ra­cy, etc.), we merely per­form an inco­m­ing goods inspec­tion with respect to amount, count, iden­ti­ty, and a visual inspec­tion for obvious ship­ping dama­ges.  We are not obli­ga­ted to per­form fur­ther exami­na­ti­ons.