TerrAktiv con­tai­ner mul­ch

TerrAktiv con­tai­ner mul­ch is a wood-based inno­va­ti­on desi­gned to effec­tive­ly sup­press weed grow­th in both con­tai­ners and beds. This pro­duct is alre­a­dy an indis­pensa­ble input for many horti­cul­tu­ral busi­nes­ses.

Excel­lent adhe­si­ve pro­per­ties mean it forms a sta­ble cover­ing lay­er that is not was­hed or blown away by rain or wind. TerrAktiv con­tai­ner mul­ch can be mecha­ni­cal­ly pro­ces­sed by all sprea­ding machi­nes, and is also high­ly sui­ta­ble for mul­ching beds. Per­me­ab­le to water and use­ab­le with all sprink­ler sys­tems, it is also attrac­tive in colour.

TerrAktiv con­tai­ner mul­ch is avail­able both in 70-lit­re-bags and loo­se. It is made from sustainab­ly pro­du­ced, PEFC-cer­ti­fied soft­wood.